Nourish-Ikaria-Greece-2021 Womens wellness retreat-one week, body riches wellness centre

Nourish-Ikaria-Greece-2021 Womens wellness retreat-one week


Where your body and soul are nourished beyond measure in the beautiful island paradise of Ikaria, Greece. Immerse yourself in the vitality and serenity of island life.

A trip of a lifetime...

Join Gay Riches & Rebekah Riches for a deeply revitalizing, week long women’s wellness retreat in one of the Blue Zones of the world. Become immersed in intentional skills and knowledge to empower you as AMAZING WOMEN. You will have daily nourishing, creative and inspiring experiences to retrain our body, mind and soul in how to live a healthy, joyous and balanced life.

In 2019 we had the privilege of traveling to Ikaria for the first time and were blown away by the beauty and vitality of the culture, land and people. We had the most amazing taste of a way of living and being and were profoundly touched by the connection and community in Ikaria.
Living a life of low stress, amazing activity, organic food and connection to the land, culture and community is part of what makes Ikaria special and what is seen throughout Blue zones internationally. Ikaria is an isolated culture, rich in tradition, family values and longevity. Ikarians have woven the recipe for longevity into their culture and lifestyle.

We feel so lucky to have been given an experience of this slow paced, no stress, vital way of living. It truly touched us and we want to share this incredible experience with you!


- Traditional Ikaria accommodation set on a hill with spectacular 180 degree vistas of the Aegean Sea. You will stay in the renovated traditional stone houses of their beautiful organic vineyard. The vineyard's stone houses are the old houses of the Karimalis family and were built-up to 500 years ago. Shared and single rooms available. Delicious Blue zone breakfast included.

- Ikarian Way of Life Blue zone cooking class. Learn to create delicious, traditional Ikarian food to support full body health. Spectacular Ikarian dinner included. An additional delicious dinner overlooking the ocean is also included.

- Two Sunset Yoga classes. Experience beautiful and restorative Hatha and healing yoga overlooking the pristine Agean sea.

- Qui Gong classes - a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing and meditation. Used for the purposes of health and spirituality to cultivate balance and life energy.

- Daily morning movement to support, invigorate and nourish your body and mind. Gentle strength flows to wake up our brain-body connection, decrease pain, improve mood and energy, and give you better coordination.

- Ikarian Nature half day essential oil workshop - discover the therapeutic power of the herbs of Ikaria. We will share the experience from start to finish of finding and picking the unique and powerful herbs, to distilling the spectacular oils. You will have the opportunity to take home the very oil we have crafted together.

- Aromatherapy blending workshop - learn about the properties of various supportive oils for your body and make your own personalized, nourishing blends (2-3 rollers). Included will be accompanying crystals and native botanic 's. You will also have the opportunity to use some of your incredible oils from the Ikaria Nature workshop if wanted.

- Local Ikarian Honey Experience - Honey from the "ancient healing Island" of Ikaria is medium to dark brown from the pine trees, herbs and other island flora. It has therapeutic and healing qualities and a unique, rich flavor that sets it apart from other honeys.

- Organic local winery tour and sunset wine tasting in the mountains. Discover this spectacular winery with its natural amphitheater and thousand year old methods of wine making. The epitome of natural wine in its purest and delectable form.

- Hot Springs visit - Ikaria has been famous for its healing waters since antiquity. Identified as among the best in the world for its healing properties.

- Ancient monastery visit - located in Pigi, dedicated to the blessed Theoktiste from Lesvos. The chapel is formed inside a cave and covered with a rock - a truly impressive sight. They are also famed for the Loukomades - a local doughnut...yum!!

- Temple of Artemis - sacred land and amazing energy. Built to honour the mother goddess, Artemis. Patroness of sailors and protector of hunters and wild animals. Where the river meets the sea (and where we took the beautiful sunset photo above!)

We wholeheartedly believe that health and wellness come from many places, including making sure our bodies are functioning and moving at their very best. We both have the immense privilege of working with people on their health journeys every single day, and we want to offer this to all of you beautiful Nourished Women too!

- Full body functional and neurological health assessment with Dr. Bec. Learn how your body is functioning and how we can reach your personal health goals and get to the bottom of what your challenges are. If needed, we will start your healing journey together on the beautiful island of Ikaria where we can check you daily and address any and all things that arise. There is no better place to heal in the world!

- One, full and enriching massage with Gay Riches, tailored to your specific wants and needs. For deep relaxation and de stressing, to reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Support and nourish your body in the most tranquil and relaxing place!

Investment in this deeply nourishing retreat is $1,595

We have done everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible while still creating the most exquisite                                                                                                         and nourishing trip we possibly can!

Accommodation options are to either share with one other lovely lady or for a private room.                                                                                                                             The private rooms will have a small extra cost of $200. 

UPDATE-currently we have only one room available now -which is a share room 


Dates: 2021

Monday June 28th – Monday July 5th 2021

Arrival for Monday 28th June- 4pm (check in is at 2pm)

With a welcome information night  ON MONDAY THE 28TH JUNE 

Including a blue zone spectacular dinner experience, at our accommodation.


More information-Daily Itinerary 

please contact us for a pdf .   M:+61409 339 313 / +61414293935 or